Celebrating Seven Years of Marriage

Brooklyn Bridge romantic anniversary photos

After the wedding day, life goes on, but it's ever more important to celebrate that history. What a view the Brooklyn Bridge provides!
New York, New York

Photography by
Esther Sun
o us, anniversaries are a beautiful opportunity to look back and remember all the blessings that marriage has brought and continues to bring, and celebrating it with destination portraits in an iconic setting is just icing on the cake of life! When we saw Dana and Joel's portraits around the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, we fell in love with the quiet beauty of their session with Esther Sun, but we especially got warm fuzzies hearing from Dana's perspective.

We've passed many milestones - first jobs, first apartment, two lovely daughters, our first business, first pets, and first mini van... We also picked up our fair share of battle wounds and scars, won many victories, had suffocating lows, blessed many, and received even more blessings and promises.

Honestly, we have been in such a busy and chaotic season in our lives that I wondered if we would have the time or energy to take a night off and celebrate. But this year, not only did we have our first date night in ages, but we also took a day to get dressed up, get hair and makeup done, and have our photos taken for the first time in 7 years! Because marriage is worth celebrating. Because our wedding day was the last time I focused on the importance of preserving our memories of us as a couple. And because showing our girls how to honor, love and respect each other well is one of the best things we can do for them.

I'm convinced the world needs more positive images not just of the wedding day, but also the many years of marriage. We need to celebrate the sacredness of marriage and cherish the day-in and day-out, sometimes non-glamorous, displays of forgiveness, perseverance, commitment, hope, selflessness, and love.

With a pleated blush pink skirt and handsome relaxed jacket, these two lovebirds danced their way around Jane's Carousel (a vintage amusement landmark built in 1922) and the riverbank along the East River with a gorgeous view of the Manhattan skyline. If this doesn't celebrate love through the years, we don't know what will!

Romantic anniversary photos in NYC
Beautiful Janes Carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park
Iconic Brooklyn Bridge in New York
Lovely couple celebrating their marriage in front of Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge Park in NYC
Lovely black and white photo of married couple in Brooklyn
Fine art photography for married couples
Sweet braided updo for romantic hair style
Blush pink skirt and khaki pants for stylish romantic photo session
Brooklyn Bridge in New York City
Gorgeous view of the Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn Bridge in New York

Photography: Esther Sun Photography • Hair & Makeup: Dlala Salon

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