The Island of Eternal Spring

Visiting Fuerteventura for a romantic vacation

Volcanic landscape, perfect temperatures, and pristine beaches set the scene for this romantic coastal portrait session.
Fuerteventura, Spain

Photography by
Tanja Kibogo
ust off the coast of Morocco, the Spanish island of Fuerteventura (which translates as "strong wind") boasts of year-long sunshine and idyllic spring temperatures to keep any traveling couple smiling their entire vacation. Because of its gorgeous, diverse landscape and windy nature, Fuerteventura was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, so you know it's a special place on Earth and one reason why Reya and Christian decided to have destination portraits here with their photographer Tanja Kibogo to celebrate their upcoming nuptials.

Reya and Christian love traveling to unique destinations, and Fuerteventura gave them a memorable experience like none other in Europe. For part of their engagement session, they adventured to the southwestern region of the island to Cofete Beach, an area where the beaches are absolutely pristine and breathtaking with succulents and greenery touching the sand and towering volcanoes in the backdrop topped with low-lying clouds.

To tie in some coastal nautical vibes, they also rose early the next morning for stunning sunrise portraits in front of their hotel, Iberostar Fuerteventura Palace, with catamarans and white sands. If that doesn't make your heart flutter, then we don't know what will!

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Photography: Tanja Kibogo • Hotel Venue: IBEROSTAR Playa Fuerteventura • Film Developing: The Find Lab

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