From the Highlands to the Islands

Cliffs, quiet lakes, and countryside dotted with sheep, romance in the North Atlantic was cozy in this destination anniversary.
Scotland & Denmark

Photography by
Christine Clark
rom northwestern Scotland to the islands of Denmark, Holly and Kalani's adventure anniversary celebrated all that their relationship has been in some of the most beautiful places on Earth. With the haunting 13th century beauty of Eilan Donan Castle in the Scottish Highlands, the sublime grandeur of the cliffsides of Faroe Islands, and the adorable cameos of sheep and ponies, there was no mistaking that this once-in-a-lifetime vacation for these two lovebirds was magical.

As the mercurial weather of Scotland is wont to do, it ranged from dripping skies to blazing sunshine as Holly and Kalani (with their destination photographer Christine Clark) wandered the landscape of the Scottish Highlands -- a place befitting of cinematic memories and creative inspiration. Cuddled up in wool plaid and classic black wardrobes, they enjoyed the mountains and roads that spoke of centuries gone-by.

After their time in the land of kilts, the three jaunted over to Denmark to explore the Faroe Islands, a mystical realm full of lakes hanging above towering cliffs and waterfalls tumbling into the ocean. In the picturesque town of Eidi settled by Vikings in the 9th century, Holly and Kalani traded their chic black Scotland attire for a simple white that complemented the brightly painted, grassy-topped houses clustered together. With views such as these, it was no wonder that Holly and Kalani chose this place to commemorate their life together.

Grass covered village church in Saksun, Faroe Islands
Waterfalls in the Faroe Islands
Cozy town scene in the Faroe Islands
Couple celebrating their anniversary at Eilan Donan Castle in Scottish Highlands
Cuddling up in Scottish wool blankets in the Highlands
Romantic overlook in the Faroe Islands Denmark
Driving stop in the Scottish Highlands
Eilan Donan Castle in Scottish Highlands
Faroe Islands coastline
Scottish Highland sheep
Scottish Highlands castle
Frolicking through the Scottish Highlands
Anniversary vacation in the Faroe Islands Denmark with Shetland pony
Town of Eidi in Faroe Islands
Romantic portraits overlooking cliffside in Faroe Islands

Photography: Christine Clark Photography

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