Volcanic Magic

Romantic destination portraits made perfect with exotic black sand and a nod to the volcanic past of this Indonesian island.
Tanah Lot
Bali, Indonesia

Photography by
Ludmila Nilova
nown for its volcanic history that made the island what it is today, Bali continues to romance couples with its contrasts. From white sand beaches to black sand beaches, from sunny skies to dark and moody skies, from high tides of ocean to low tides that reveal another world, everything seems to play in opposites when it comes to this Indonesian island's mystical beauty. It's no wonder that Anna and Sergio decided to have their destination portraits taken on a secluded beach near Tanah Lot Temple on the southwest coast of Bali; this place is simply magical.

With Ludmila Nilova of Dreamwood Photography behind the camera, these two lovebirds danced on the earthy black sand with their wardrobes perfectly coordinating to the otherworldly location. Where lava once spilled and took away habitats, nature continues to come alive in small green patches on this quiet beach sometimes hidden by ocean waves. Low tide is, of course, the best time to visit as it reveals an entirely different personality from the stark igneous rock formations. As Anna and Sergio became enchanted with Balinese paradise, they celebrated something even more simple: the magic of love.

Photography: Ludmila Nilova of Dreamwood Photography • Black Dress: Maria Lerner • Hair and Makeup: Anna Kondakova

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