History Between Canyon Walls

In the land of Navajo sandstone cliffs and wooly mammoths, Angels Landing becomes a place of destination portrait romance.
Zion National Park
Springdale, Utah

Photography by
Kyle Loves Tori

or Jace and Taylor, Angels Landing is a special place. They have hiked this Utahan trail multiple times together, and it was on top of Angels Landing that Jace asked if he could date Taylor and also at another time, asked if she would marry him. So sitting atop its iconic spire rock overlooking the canyon and Virgin River, there was never any question about where they would have their destination portraits taken with Kyle Loves Tori Photography.

Surrounded by over 250 million-year-old rock layers and rich desert reds in Utah's first national park, the majestic canyon view alone is one to invoke the determination to follow the paths of native tribes such as the Paiute and the Anasazi. Zion National Park is considered one of the most beautiful national parks because of its wildlife, scenery, and plant life.

And beyond this magical place and its natural beauty, Jace and Taylor will never forget each milestone of their relationship history as they continue to go back to the gorgeous canyon that set the backdrop to it all.

Photography: Kyle Loves Tori Photography • Film Processing: Alpine Film Lab • Ladies' Sneakers: Blowfish Malibu • Floral Kimono Top: Mason & Mackenzie

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