Bohemian Love under Waterfalls

Turquoise waves crash and soothing waterfalls cascade on the Island of Enchantment.
Playa Los Tubos
Manati, Puerto Rico

Photography by
Ashley Hamm

nspired by the beauty of Puerto Rico and their experience of having lived there for a year, lifestyle photographer Jessica of Jessica Max Photography and her husband Fred loved revisiting their favorite secret places together for their destination portraits with Ashley Hamm. Surrounded by gorgeous waterfalls in Cialas and the tropical beaches in Manati, every moment was of earthy enchantment and fond memories of their marriage's journey together.

We've always loved Puerto Rico and vacation there every year together with our children. From the beaches to the local food to snorkeling, it's just an amazing place. Some of our favorite local food favorites are mojitos from Barrita de Lian, pinchos (kabobs made with chicken or pork marinated in adobo) on the beach basically anywhere, chicken burritos at Crashboat Beach, and Casa Vieja in Ciales. It's really all about the food and adventure for us!

In true bohemian spirit that adventurers always have, Jessica danced in a gauzy Free People maxi dress with a stretchy halter that gave all the smiles from Fred as he watched her on the beach. And together, she shared the joy she equally had for him as they watched the turquoise Puerto Rican waves crash and the waterfalls cascade. Without a doubt, travel experiences bring couples together, and it's no exception for these two.

Photography: Ashley Hamm Photography • Brown Boho Dress: Free People • Red Dress: Lush (local boutique)

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