5 Spring Day Trip Ideas in Virginia

Spring has sprung, and it's a new season for fab date day ideas for you and your sweetie!

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Chelsea LaVere
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Williamsburg, Virginia

pring has sprung here in Virginia, and as we shed away the winter blues, it's a new season for fabulous day trip ideas with you and your sweetie! From foodies to history lovers, there is a little bit of everything for everyone looking to go on a weekend adventure for some quality time together.

1. Wine Tasting in Charlottesville
For the winos and grownup beverage connoisseurs, Virginia has pretty fabulous options when it comes to tasting rooms. Fill up with a hearty sweet & savory brunch at Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyards and then begin your personal tour at Albemarle CiderWorks for your "apple a day keeps the doctor away." Travel over to Blenheim Vineyards (owned by Charlottesville's own Dave Matthews!) and then Jefferson Vineyards for a bit of the modern and classic when it comes to the vine and aesthetics. For a truly date-type of day, definitely look into making reservations for private tastings since springtime can see many more people also coming out of winter hibernation!

2. Gardens in Norfolk
Everything's in bloom and in its prime in southeastern Virginia! Nestled along the Lafayette River, the Hermitage Museum and Gardens is a beautiful little historical gem with estate gardens and a collection of art that spans 5,000 years of art history and represents over 30 countries. After your adventure there, head into downtown Norfolk for a lunch break at Grilled Cheese Bistro and a craft beer at O'Connor Brewing Company. Once your tummies are filled, complete your garden date at the Norfolk Botanical Garden where you'll be enchanted by the various spring gardens in full technicolor. Don't forget to take some photos together in the Renaissance Court, wander through the tranquil Japanese Garden, and stop and smell the roses in the Bicentennial Rose Garden!

3. Foodie Tour in Richmond
Make sure you leave on an empty stomach because once you get within the RVA borders, you're going to want to eat everything! Begin your food tour with breakfast at Millie's Diner, a sandwiches-and-pie kind of lunch at Garnett's, walk it off at the Branch Museum, stop into Pasture for expertly crafted cocktails and small plates, and then finish off the tour with a late night second dinner at the local's favorite, The Daily. And on your way out of town, don't forget the sweet ending at Red Eye Cookie Co.!

4. History Lovin' in Williamsburg
No matter time of year, Colonial Williamsburg is always beautiful, but during Spring, the weather is simply perfect and makes for a fantastic long walking tour around the historic area. From various special events to the many shops and restaurants, there's so much to do on the Duke of Gloucester Street. Have a drink on the patio at the DoG Street Pub, grab a sandwich at the Cheese Shop, and relax together on a bench as you snack on some sweet treats from Blackbird Bakery. For dinner, the winking Ben Franklin-themed restaurant, Food for Thought, is the perfect end to a historical date day away. (And all those above food recs are amazingly accommodating with food allergies!)

5. Shopping in Woodbridge
Spring cleaning means spelunking in the caverns of IKEA! Start off the day with a hearty and delicious lunch at Travinia (great for food allergies!), head over to IKEA, take a break in the Restaurant or Bistro, and just get lost in the rest of the store. I don't think anyone has to say that IKEA is a time black hole, but at least it will be a beautiful black hole with gorgeous $2 photo frames and Swedish meatballs.

- Chelsea LaVere
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